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Lamaze Childbirth Education

As an experienced, certified childbirth educator, I use my knowledge of all aspects relating to preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum planning and newborn care, to offer evidence based, culturally safe, perinatal information. I also provide information about, and referrals to, community supports and specialized services that are best suited to your journey into parenthood.


Sessions are designed to meet the participant’s individual needs, delivered in a flexible, casual environment. This format is perfect for all kinds of people; those who prefer one to one learning, parents who have a partner who works out of town and cannot attend traditional classroom style courses, or parents who work shifts. First time parents, as well as those who just want a refresher, will benefit from individualized learning. Parents will learn everything they need to know to feel confident in their birth choices, coping skills and postpartum planning. The course is based on the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices, proven to promote the safest, healthiest birth possible for parents and babies. Topics are presented in a variety of ways to fit every learning style, and a hospital tour of the labour and delivery rooms may be arranged.

When to Attend

You can attend a childbirth class at any time during your pregnancy. Most parents plan to attend a class at approximately 28-30 weeks to ensure everything is fresh in their memory. Register early to ensure your scheduling needs can be met. Some parents will benefit from sessions early on in the pregnancy to learn about prenatal nutrition, healthy lifestyles, community supports and preparation for baby. 


$150 for four hours of instruction, delivered in two-2hr sessions. Extra hours may be added if needed. Qualifying parents may have their fees covered by the Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program.

Lamaze Welcomes All Parents

“The journey through pregnancy and parenthood is unique for everyone. Birth is at the core of our practice. Lamaze welcomes and respects all individuals and families on this journey from every corner of the world. Regardless of who you are, where you live, who you love or what language you speak, we want to be with you on your path from pregnancy to parenthood. We believe that birth is transformative for every family and that everyone deserves a safe and healthy birth experience. Our goal is simple; we want all parents to feel confident, supported and powerful as they ask questions, make decisions and navigate their individual path through birth and parenthood. “

-Lamaze International

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